About us

About us

     CGEL is committed to people-oriented and promote healthy smoking harm reduction under the circumstances of the international tobacco company to create heat not burn ( hnb ) products, based on tobacco materials and unique mechanical technology, reconstituted tobacco to reduce tar hazard materials, for adult smokers around the world to provide more choice of new tobacco produced enterprises . CGEL has the world's leading level of research and development, processing and continuous innovation capabilities.

     By continuously integrating professionals from around the world in collaboration with international companies, in supply chain planning and implementation, channel and consumer marketing, CGEL has become a provider of holistic solutions to meet the various customization needs of global customers OEM/ODM.

     CGEL will continue to expand its product development and service range to meet consumer demand for new tobacco products as a leading supplier of new harm reduction tobacco products.

The necessity of project construction

     According to new data from Euromonitor, the share of global cigarette category values in total tobacco sales fell below 90 per cent for the first time in decades in 2016 and will reach 86 per cent by 2021. While cigarette sales are falling, new research highlights that the use of steam products ( Heat Not Burn Cigarette, hnb, E-Cigarette ) will continue to grow, but there will be further changes.

     The continued growth of steam products, particularly the emergence of heating tobacco as a viable alternative to consumption, is a major factor in tobacco industry imbalances," said Shane MacGuill, head of tobacco research at Euromonitor International, adding that new research shows that heating tobacco will be the fastest growing tobacco category in the next five years, reaching $15.4 billion in 2021, up from $2 billion in 2016, an

increase of 691 percent. New data show that 2016 shows that Japan is the largest market for heating tobacco, accounting for 96% of global sales of tobacco products, Germany is the second largest market for heating tobacco, but the United States will have a place by 2021, the third and fourth largest markets for heating tobacco products are Switzerland and Portugal, and the two fastest growing markets, macGuill concludes: "We believe

that by 2021, heating tobacco will have a solid share of the global market for heating tobacco at least 35 global markets.  The future of heating tobacco is strong. So see, this is the real power of the future of global tobacco. "

     In the next few years is the heat not burn new tobacco global sweep model, cigarette smoking mode is

a landmark change, we must not miss!